Pick Up & Delivery Schedule

How often do you need service?
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What about Holidays?

Regular Schedule

Once a Week

One day each week we’ll drop off last week’s items and pick up the new ones.

Choose the best day for you

  • Monday only
  • Tuesday only
  • Thursday only
  • Friday only

Twice a Week

Two days each week we’ll pick up and deliver your items.

Choices depend on your location
  • Monday and Thursday
  • Tuesday and Friday

On Occasion

Need something off schedule?

Call us at (480) 962-1157 and we’ll come as soon as possible.

Serving the Southeast Valley

Legend: Red - Tuesdays, Fridays; Blue - Mondays, Thursdays
Only select clients are displayed. We serve over 200 scheduled and will-call clients.

Holiday Schedule

In observance of the following holidays, there will be no service on:

2021 Holidays

Memorial Day
Monday, May 31st & Tuesday, June 1st

Independence Day
Monday, July 5th & Tuesday, July 6th

Labor Day
Monday, September 6th & Tuesday September 7th

Thursday, November 25th & Friday, November 26th

Thursday, December 23rd & Friday, December 24th

New Years (2021)
Thursday, December 30th & Friday, December 31st

Monday Holiday

All “Monday Only” clients will be serviced on the Thursday before and the Thursday after the holiday.

Tuesday Holiday

All “Tuesday Only” clients will be serviced on the Friday before and the Friday after the holiday.

Thursday Holiday

All “Thursday Only” clients will be serviced on the Monday before and the Monday after the holiday.

Friday Holiday

All “Friday Only” clients will be serviced on the Tuesday before and theTuesday after the holiday.

Regarding COVID-19

“During the current COVID-19 pandemic we’re taking every precaution to insure the safety of our clients and ourselves. Before every route each bag is washed and dried HOT, every hanger is Clorox wiped before being loaded into our vans, every van is wiped down after its loaded, and each driver wears protective gloves to deliver your order(s). When finished with his/her route each driver once again wipes down the van after its unloaded.

Although the chances of a virus living on clothing is small, we wear gloves when handling your garments in our office. Dry cleaning and steam pressing is known to kill the coronavirus, after which the entire process begins again.

As long as it is legally an option to do so, we will continue our route service without interruption.

To our clients currently having service at their place of business, we will gladly pick up and deliver to your home as long as it is within (or close to) our delivery area. Please call (480) 962-1157 to make temporary arrangements.

We appreciate all of our clients and want to make your garment care as “normal” as possible. Please follow all the guidelines being set forth by Doctors and Government Officials so we may all come through these difficult times in the best of health”

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